attendance &salary management

This application will help you manage attendance sheet, calculate salary and transportation expenses.For simply entry everyday attendance sheet, several working pattern have been pre-registered. It is possible to create or edit working pattern according to your working classification.Then you can select working pattern only in a daily report, without entering time or hours. Moreover mass entry by the day of week.At monthly summary, working days, working hours, transportation expenses, working detail will be listed. If necessary, send working data by email.And others, you can set closing date of month, the working number of time at one day, and initialize attendance data of designation month, backup or restore attendance data.It is suitable for regular, shift, part-time job.—How to use—[Setting]1.Closing date (Default is the end of the month.)2.Working number of times (The number of maximum times at one work day. Default is one.)3.Initialization of attendance data of the selected month.4.Data backup and restore.5.Set up an email address for the data transmission service.[Master – Working Pattern]1.Create a new working pattern (Several working patterns have been pre-registered.)2.Modify or delete the working pattern3.Specify the time interval (You can cut short the time at work in 1-30 minutes, or cut down the time leaving.)4.Specify the display color.5.Specify the working hours. You can set start time, end time (Until 8:00 (32:00) the next morning), hourly wage.6.Specify the basic break time. You can specify whether a break from working hours minus the time unconditionally, to draw the break time beyond the working hours specified.7.Overtime hours. If the working hours exceeds setting value, overtime hours will be calculated. Because it overlaps with the working hours, addition hourly wage should be set.8.Late-night overtime hours. It overlaps with working hours, don’t overlap with normal overtime hours. 29:00 is the next morning 5:00. 9.Early overtime hours. It overlaps with working hours, don’t overlap with normal overtime hours.10.Specify the method of payment for transportation expenses. [Master – Labor Reason]1.Create a new labor reason (Several labor reasons have been pre-registered.)2.Modify or delete the labor reason 3.Specify labor reason division (For example, Paid holiday)4.Specify equivalent day[Attendance Sheet]1.Attendance data list of current month is displayed.2.Today’s data is highlighted in green background.3.Month will be changed when you tap the arrow button on the top.4.Tap the date line, for data entry.[Data Entry]1.Select a working pattern that is registered, break time and start time and end time and fare will be displayed. Break time is divided by normal break time, overtime break time, late-night break time,early break time.2.Reason can be selected. Paid holiday, special holiday, compensation day, and so on.3.Comment can be filled in.4.You can enter the attendance data up to three times a day by the setting.[Mass Entry]1. You can register once for each day of the week for one month, or for one year. 2. The day of the week that you check is to be entered. It need attention that day’s data will be removed to check the only day of the week, if you do not specify the working pattern.3. Start time and end time can be changed.[Monthly Summary]1.The working days, working hours will summarized for the selected month.2.The salary will be calculated by hourly wage. The total amount is the summary of working pattern subtotal.3.The transportation expenses will be calculated by daily or monthly. The total amount is the summary of working pattern subtotal.4.The working detail for everyday will be displayed. If start time or end time is not entered, it will be highlighted.5.You can send attendance data as a CSV file by email.6.If you change the working pattern, the new value is reflected by the recalculation.Recent changes:1.5customizable labor reason1.4adding transportation expenses

Lincoln Park Podiatry

Dr. Debra E. Young, a board certified podiatrist and foot/ankle surgeon, and the staff of Lincoln Park Podiatry are conveniently located in a comfortable Lincoln Park office at the edge of Lakeview. We offer extended office hours, convenient free street parking, and easy access to public transportation.From foot and ankle pain to custom orthotics, ingrown toenails or laser toenail fungus treatments, we have the latest technology to get you back on your feet as soon as possible.

Family Fun – Jigsaw Puzzles

This app keeps the whole family busy! Dive into the wonderful worlds of this educational and fun puzzle-app. The difficulty level can be adjusted individually – there is something for everyone. Colourful graphics, sounds and effects top-off the play experience. Your kids will be busy for a long time while focusing on important steps of learning: touching, hearing, seeing and reacting. This app is suitable for kindergarten kids as well as school kids. You can adjust the difficulty by clicking on the light bulb (preview of the puzzle on/off) and by choosing the number of pieces the puzzle should have (4, 9, 16 or 25). Features: • In total 20 puzzles, cute graphics and kid-friendly sounds and effects • A preview of the puzzle can be manually set (on/off), depending on the needs of your child • Four exciting themes are waiting for you: Fairy Tale, Underwater Ocean Life, Transportation, Outdoor Activities • A fun pop-the-balloons mini-game at the end of the game What will the kids learn? Puzzles • build hand eye coordination• develop fine motor skills• offer opportunities for social and language skills• encourage problem solving and logical thinking5 puzzles (fairy tale puzzles) are free, more games can be easily purchased in-game.We really appreciate your feedback – If you enjoy playing our app, please take a minute to rate and review it. If you have any questions or need our help, please send us an e-mail to or contact us by using the given support link. Thank you!