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MOM’ Got Talent Magazineis your one stop magazine focused on pregnancy, child care, the general lifestyle and issues affecting parentsMOM’ Got Talent Magazine is aPrinted magazine filled with good quality content of all topics that s would interest all moms & women,It’s The first Egyptian magazine specialized in the psychological nature of baby and mother.MOM’ Got Talent Magazine helps you find your PERSONAL balance and create a life that works for you It has everything to keep you inspired asyou seek sustainability.Know what matters.Make the best choices.Be inspired by fellow moms.LOVE EVERY MINUTE of your busy "but fulfilling" lifeMOM’ Got Talent Magazine"It’s more than a magazine ,"It’s a way of life"

SafetyAlarm For Your Android Device – Download APK!

by MathDrill

SafetyAlarm is an android safety app.

Before starting on a potentially dangerous trip from point A to point B, user sets up an alarm timer. If she reaches her destination safely, she cancels the timer. If she fails to cancel it, the alarm goes…

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Pura Vida Hair Salon For Your Android Device – Download APK!

by Gary Sykes

Pura Vida Hair Co.
Regina Beach's Première Hair Salon
Features include:
– Appointment Scheduling
– Loyalty Rewards
– "New Look" Customer Hair Style photo and style submission
– Contact & Operations information
– Services…

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큐브미술학원(홍대미술학원) For Your Android Device – Download APK!

by 오렌지본부

긍정이 모여 열정을 만듭니다!

안녕하세요? 큐브미술학원입니다.
현재 입시미술학원에서는 상위권 학생들만 위한 자칭 프리
미엄 미술학원이 급증하고있습니다….

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컬러스타일 For Your Android Device – Download APK!

by 이미지웍스

어울리는 색이라고 하는 것은 그 사람이 가지고 태어난 피부색을 보다 생기 있고 건강하며 빛나게 해주는 색을 말합니다. 이처럼 자신에게 어울리는 색은 개인의 인체 색상에 따라…

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