NASA’s Android App Opens Your Eyes To A Whole New World

If you’re into stars, space and stunning images, download the NASA app for Android and check out amazing imagery, videos and information about the latest missions to space.  It is totally awesome and can be mesmerizing.

The app features  over 14,000 images (they add to this daily), lots of news and stories and videos from the space agency.  You can even live stream NASA TV.  On launch days you can keep up to date with the countdown and any last minute updates.

The app has been downloaded more than a million times and gets plenty of 5 star ratings, its current average is 4.3.  If you love space and the imagery that NASA is collecting regularly, you should get to the Google Play store now and download this awesome app for free.

Mobile search is broken – Vurb is trying to fix it

First there was Yahoo! a directory for the web, then Alta Vista and others tried to make web searching smarter and then along came Google and changed the web forever.  Most of us couldn’t do our job without Google, not just search but many services Google has since launched or purchased using the proceeds from its dominant search business.  But the world has changed again.  It’s gone mobile and Google plays a huge role in that but search, as it works today, doesn’t work well on mobile.

First popping in and out of apps is a poor experience.  Second much of the data we access isn’t crawlable in web pages, its buried in a variety of databases, accessed by APIs.  And third nothing is more frustrating then when you do find something and it pops you into an app but without deep linking.  Google search wasn’t designed for this.

Along comes Vurb and that is exactly their mission.  Aggregating the data we love from our favorite apps like Yelp and deep linking you into other apps so you can make reservations, book rides and ultimately purchase goods and services.  Its ambitious but its about time for a disruption and Google maybe too deep into its own history to get this.  Its time for a scrappy start-up like Vurb to take a shot.  Definitely one to keep an eye on.