WHOIS Lookup Tool For Your Android Device – Apps!

by Dmitry Kroz

This simple tool helps you to find information about a domain name, like name, address, and phone number of the administrative, billing, and technical contacts of the domain name.
WHOIS can also be used to simply check if a certain domain name is…

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Video Tool For Your Android Device – Apps!

by VideoLabs

Video Downloader for Instagram helps you download public videos and images from Instagram in seconds easily
— Features —
* Run in background
* Several videos may be downloaded simultaneously
* Automatically detects the links from your Web…

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Toolbox for Clash of Clans War For Your Android Device – Apps!

by Cyboguru Gnamus

Don't get confused on the battlefield. Get Clash Toolbox now!

* Quickly see a list of attack targets.
* Get total stars auto-calculated.
* No need to call "dibs". Targets are listed in the order received.

Use this for…

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Korfball Tool

如果今天你在打合球比賽,但是手邊又沒有專業的計分設備,Korfball Tool 會是您最好的選擇。讓您不用兩支手機記到忙不開就讓 Korfball Tool 幫您解決這些複雜的小問題吧Recent changes:1.8版更新(6/3/2014)更正語言切換錯誤1.6版更新(19/2/2014)更改載點 新增中英文切換更改錯誤更改比賽總時間輸入模式