Close-Up Woman Denim & Casual For Your Android Device – Apps!

by Magzter Inc.

The first and most complete review on the upcoming fashion season that introduces you all the main trends and novelties for each fashion sector.A detailed photo report from the catwalk, including both established and emerging fashion weeks: Milan,…

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Looking to meet other singles with your Android phone – check out the app

If you’re single and in the market to meet someone new, has a great app to help you find love, companionship or whatever you are looking for.  According to, they are the #1 in dates, relationships and marriages, and our app can help you find whatever you’re looking for, wherever you are. You … Continue reading Looking to meet other singles with your Android phone – check out the app

Meteor Jump

Live the journey of a lost in space meteor. Progress through the galaxies to solve their mysteries.A game designed for both casual and hardcore players. You have to bounce and avoid traps to advance further.NO in-game purchases! Totally FREE !!Features:- Casual: 80 unique levels take you to a challenging ride through the Universe.- Survival: an endless journey through space. This game mode has auto generated content – every time you play it, your experience will be different !- Endless: a timed survival experience. Find power-ups to increase your time limit.- Hardcore: want something more challenging? The hardcore experience will take you through all 80 game levels with no option to skip any of them.Plus:- Achievements: earn titles by discovering the game- Leaderboards: be the best in the Universe!