Facebook app Riff for Android

Facebook is testing out a new app to help users create viral videos.  Its actually inspired by the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that took the internet by storm last year.  The idea of the app is that you can create a “template” for a short video (up to 20 seconds) with instructions for what the user should do and then invite friends to join the fun.  The videos are then tied together to form  a video collage that could lead to lots of creative innovation on the part of Facebook users.  Facebook claims that the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge helped video views reach over a billion per day so as mobile and video become two very key elements for Facebook growth, this seems like an interesting way for them to enable users to “go viral” with their videos.

Videos are shot in the Riff app, not uploaded.

No comments or likes yet, the idea is to get people to add more video content and not simply hit a button or type “lol”

You must be a friend of a contributor to add your own so there is some control to how these will spread

Contributors get tagged automatically to help with viral growth

The app is free and can be downloaded from the play store!