Stay financially fit with Mint for Android


Mint is a fantastic app, beautifully designed and easy to use to help you manage your personal finances.  All you need to do is give Mint access to your banking and credit card accounts and they will pull in all the data and help keep you on track.  It may seem scary to hand over the credentials to your bank accounts and credit cards but Mint is secure and owned and operated by Intuit, makers of Quicken and Quickbooks.  These guys take security and privacy seriously.  So once you get over the hump and trust Mint, its seriously simple to keep track of your finances in this stunning app.

It will categorize all your transactions so you can see how much you’re spending on food or entertainment each month.  It will roll up all of your accounts so you know exactly what is going out and what is coming in each month.  And it will give you tips on how to save and alerts when things look unusual.  You can set-up reminders so you are never late with a bill payment again and if you get charged a fee by a bank or credit card they will let you know right away and help you avoid those annoying hidden fees in the future.  You can set budgets for each category (E.g. I’m only going to spend $500 on food each month) and Mint will let you know when you’re getting close or over your budget.  You can even get a free credit score as part of the Mint family.

So if you want to get your personal finances under control, download the Mint app from the Google Play Store today for free: