Netflix for Anrdoid with Chromecast

Netflix has been around for a while, evolving from an online DVD rental service to the leader in streaming TV and movies to millions of subscribers for a small monthly fee.  The Cable companies may pretend they aren’t worried but they must be given how much content you can now get on streaming services like Netflix.  In addition they have started creating award winning content of their own such as the hit House of Cards with Kevin Spacey.  The Netflix app for Android is a great companion to your account.  You can stream TV and movies right to your phone or tablet but one of the most interesting uses is to stream it to a big screen TV using your phone as the remote.

Chromecast is a little device for about $35 USD that you plug into an HDMI port on your TV and then connect to your Wi-Fi access point.  From there you can stream lots of stuff from your phone to your TV screen and Netflix is a great example.  In fact, Netflix and Chromecast are a great pair.  Your Android phone is a much better remote control than the typical junk that comes with your cable TV service or the TV itself as you can use it to search with the keyboard or your voice to find the perfect content.  Netflix has a great recommendation engine as well to help you find shows and movies based on things you previously enjoyed.  Then instead of huddling around your 4 inch screen, beam it to your 50″ LCD TV and let everyone enjoy HD TV and Movies.  Its a perfect fit.  The Netflix for Android app can be downloaded free from the Google Play Store at:,+Inc.&hl=en