Mobile banking with Bank of America for Android

Back in the 90s when online banking and specifically online billpay came into play, it really changed my life.  No longer was I late on bills, no longer was I constantly scrounging for stamps or running out of checks, no longer was I getting hit with fees or balancing my checkbook.  I got my bills paid on time, many of them automatically and I saved a lot of time each month.

Mobile takes that a step further.  Now I can pay a bill as soon as I think of it since I’ve got my Android phone with me all the time and its always connected.  I can check my accounts from anywhere but the coolest thing ever is being able to deposit a check by taking a picture.  This was the one thing that online banking never solved that mobile banking does.   I still had to run to the ATM to deposit a check and sometimes those would sit in my wallet for weeks until I remember to deal with it.  Not any more.  Give me a check now and I open my trusty Bank of America app, snap a couple photos of the check and boom its in my accounts.  Its so amazing it took me a few times before I believed it and trusted it but it works and its totally awesome.  Many banks offer this now but I love the Bank of America for Android app and use it all the time.  I also love the way they’ve dealt with passwords and login.  They really have done a lot to make you feel secure.

If you’re a Bank of America customer download the app today from the Google Play Store.  Its free and its totally awesome.