Have you tried Taskrabbit for Android

Taskrabbit is a very cool concept and I’ve had amazing results.  If you need someone to perform a task of almost any kind (within limits), you can pop open the app, post a job and immediately get bids from local people willing to help.  Maybe its as simple as going to the grocery store, mowing the lawn, assembling one of those incredibly annoying pieces of furniture from Ikea that seems so simple to put together but ends up taking hours.  Yeah it could be anything like that.  Just post the job, review bids and you can accept and even pay right from the phone.  You can also look at reviews on the individuals so you can see how they’ve done on past projects.  Amazing!  I needed my lawn mowed once while I was away, found someone to come that day, paid them from the phone remotely and came home to a beautiful lawn and never had to do more than use my phone.

On the flip side, you can also earn money as a “rabbit”  Just pop open the app and look for posted jobs in your area, place a bid and you may end up earning some quick cash without having to do any cold calls or sales.  Its a very cool concept and its got some good momentum over the last few years so check it out free in the Google play store at: