Zen2Buy Shopping List Free

Zen2Buy – is a visual shopping list app.The philosophy of Zen 2 Buy is simplicity, just click on product icons to navigate and mark products to create a list. This way creating a list is a matter of seconds, but speed comes with a price – your lists are limited by the existing icons. Thus, to effectively use the application, use it as a broad reminder, not as an exact purchase instruction.The application is designed with the assumption that in a relationship the partners know each others’ preferences. The husband knows what kind of bread his wife eats, what kind of cheese and yogurt she likes etc. So there is only one type of cheese, bread, ice-cream icons that work as a reminder – hey I need to buy cheese. What kind of cheese the app will not tell, it’s up to you to know your family’s preferences. This allowed us to design a simple interface that is easy to navigate to find the necessary product very fast.Nevertheless there are probably products that you usually buy that are missing from Zen2Buy. In this case please let us know and if it’s a product that many people buy, we will add it to the application.Warning: Zen2Buy is a web application, you will need to download 5 MB after installing it, then it will work offline.Tips:+ Increase quantity by clicking multiple times on a marked product.+ To deselect a product swipe outside the product.+ To scroll use the black area near the margin or the selected category+ Tap a product to remove from the list+ To see your list tap the up arrow button in the top-left corner+ Click the "Remove" button when the list is empty to enter Products Configure mode.Recent changes:+ Added "Remove" button that will empty the current list+ Now you can remove products that you never buy from the app to make it cleaner.+ On Android 4 and higher you can send the list via SMS, can be done offline.+ Fixed the always updating Bug.+ Added a reset button that will clear all the cache and remove any information entered by you.

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