Libraries for developers

This application provides a collection of third party libraries, as a developer this application is essential for you.You will have information about the author, captures, license, description, links of the library and you can try a working example within the application.In order to collect the largest possible number of libraries the version of the application is ICS.Most applications are listed on github, others are from google code and bitbucket.From this application we want to thank all the developers who publish their libraries for the benefit of others.We hope that developers might find it useful.Permissions: This application need to access contacts, ActionBarSherlock use READ_CONTACTS to show in a listView, we do not want your information and not use it for anything else.Libraries included:——————-* "Done and Discard" from Roman Nurik* "ActionBarSherlock" from Jake Wharton* "ListViewAnimations" from nhaarman* "FlipImageView" from Antoine Merle* "PropertyAnimation" from wminiboy* "ChartView" from nadavfima* "QuickReturn Listview" from Lars Werkman* "Scrolling Tricks" from Roman Nurik* "IndexableListView" from Daniel Nam* "DragSortListView" from Carl A. Bauer* "CustomFastScrollView" from Nolan Lawson* "RibbonMenu" from David Scott* "ArcMenu" from daCapricorn* "Radial Menu Widget" from Arindam Nath* "MenuDrawer" from Gökhan Akkurt* "SimpleSideDrawer" from adamrocker* "Android-fb-like-slideout-navigation" from Alex Korovyansky* "ActionsContentView" from Steven Rudenko* "NewPopupMenu" from u1aryz* "UndoBar" from Liao Kai* "PopupDemo" from Nolan Lawson* "Popup Custom" from unparallellogical* "PopupwindowDemo" from MichaelYe* "NewQuickAction" from Lorensius W. L. T* "Android Custom Tabs" from Lawrence D’Oliveiro* "Jazzy ViewPager" from Jeremy Feinstein* "Android-flip" from OpenAphid-Engine* "Android Lock Pattern" from Hai Bison* "Swipe-To-Dismiss" from Roman Nurik* "Android-Validator" from Benjamin Besse* "Universal-Image-Loader" from Gökhan Akkurt* "PinEntry" from webile-android* "UrlImageViewHelper" from Koushik Dutta* "ParallaxScrollView" from Christopher Jenkins* "LazyList" from Fedor Vlasov* "HoloCircularProgressBar" from passsy* "TimesSquare" from Square* "RoundedImage" from makeramen* "IconicTextView" from Artur Termenji* "AutoScaleTextView" from Andreas Krings* "PinProgress" from Roman Nurik* "Wheel widget" from Alessandro Crugnola* "View Badger" from Jeff Gilfelt

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