Dungeon Village 1.0.4 [v1.0.4] APK Android Download

Dungeon Village 1.0.4 [v1.0.4] APK Android Download

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Dungeon Village 1.0.4 apk Requirement: Android OS 1.6 Dungeon Village 1.0.4 apk is the latest version of the most played and popular RPG game Dungeon Village. Dungeon Village 1.0.4 .apk comes with more details and minor bug fixes and is compatible with Android 1.6 and up devices. In Dungeon Village 1.0.4 apk build heroic village that warriors as well as sellers may call home. Dungeon Village 1.0.4 for android is an impressive RPG world where the town you construct may grow from humble hamlet through a capital for the property’s most ambitious travelers.The enterprising warriors that come by your prospering burg will definitely defeat huges as well as get you hard earned cash. Conquering dungeons as well as clearing out hordes of beasts will bag you loot to stock your shops. And if your hamlet flourishes, adventurers would like to set up home and settle down. Build training establishments like Fight Schools as well as Magic Labs to hone your brave denizens’ abilities as well as improve your village’s Appeal. The more faces that flock to your source, the bigger the baddies you could defeat! IN Dungeon Village v1.0.4 apk An all-new “Cauldron” attribute enables you to examine your alchemic knowledge. Tumble items obtained from journeys or shops in to the Cauldron and your armory may obtain a rare addition. No dungeon is too deep. Make your village the crown estate of this daring RPG narrative. Download Link

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